RC10Logo2.jpg New innovative participatory instruments move to more strongly discursive-interactive designed procedures that correspond to models of deliberative politics and a communitarian democracy. In this evolution of the public spaces the new information and communication technologies can play an important role. Internet can give a new impetus in worldwide boom of direct democracy. What types of new electronic direct deliberative democracy instruments are developed? What are criteria for an evaluation of these instruments? In what fields are these new information technologies implemented? Do electronic town meetings, webforums, e-conferences, e-participatory budgeting etc. enhance deliberation? What are the problems and benefits of online political forums and what is their future development?
The workshop will be part of the Slovenian Association of Political Science conference.

Deadline for paper proposals and abstracts (200 words) is 31January 2011

Please contact:
Norbert Kersting (kersting@sun.ac.za)
And the Local organizers:
Miro Haček (Miro.Hacek@fdv.uni-lj.si)
Lea Smerkolj (lea.smerkolj@fdv.uni-lj.si)