Information Technology and Journalism is one of the oldest conferences of the Inter University Center in Dubrovnik. For years this conference has been following and predicting trends in Internet communication and its impact on human society.

As part of the conference, we have been organizing an IPSA-supported Workshop for ten years. This year, our Workshop called Bubble Society and the Death of the Public Sphere, which was held from 27 to 28 May, was supported by RC 10 and RC 22. We are particularly pleased that this year the conference featured prominent keynote speakers, Professor Lance W. Bennett of the University of Washington and Marijana Grbeša-Zenzerović from the University of Zagreb. This was the 24th International Conference on Information Technology and Journalism, held at the Interuniversity Center in Dubrovnik.

Investigating and establishing links within certain ideologically-driven online communication networks, Benett has demonstrated that the main producers and advertisers of false news are actually "anti-democratic public spheres".

Grbeša-Zenzerovic analyzed the phenomenon, influence and reason of the sudden and broad penetration of comedians on the political scene of several states, from Iceland and Italy to Ukraine, and the way they have transformed modern politics.

The conference also included presentations by Oscar G. Luengo from the University of Granada, Curd B. Knüpfer from the University of Berlin, Norbert Merkovity from the University of Segedin, Béla Jánky of the University of Budapest, Vladimir Ivanov and Maria Ivanova from Russia, and many other.

The conference directors were professors Nenad Prelog (Ambassador in South Africa), Damir Boras (Rector of the University of Zagreb) and Inoslav Bešker (from the University of Split and Dubrovnik).