As you may have read, the IPSA WC 2020 in Lisboa has to be postponed to July 2021, due to the Corona pandemic. All accepted panels and papers will remain accepted. More information will follow shortly.

Stay healthy and take care!

List of accepted RC 10 Panels:

Title Convenor Chair Co-chair Discussants
Analyzing discourses in times of crisis by applying computational social science methods  Stefan Wallaschek  Stefan Wallaschek    Marianne Kneuer
Civic Engagement, Technology and Coproduction in Public Administration and Public Policy  Karen Mossberger  Karen Mossberger    Tobias Escher
Digital Innovation and Open Government: Tools for an Open World?  Emiliana De Blasio  Emiliana De Blasio  Alberto Bitonti  Wolf J. Schünemann
Digital Media and Nationalism- Challenges and Perspectives of Globalization and Interdependence  Mathew Martin Poothullil John  Sunder Rajdeep  Sana Shaikh  Sagar Bhalerao
Amrin Moger
Digital Parties and Online Platforms – Part 1  Giulia Sandri  Giulia Sandri    Patricia Correa
Digital Parties and Online Platforms – Part 2  Giulia Sandri  Patricia Correa    Giulia Sandri
Global Practices for Smart Cities and Public Policy  Karen Mossberger  Norbert Kersting    José Carlos Vaz
Les Jeunes, les Réseaux sociaux et les « nouvelles » Formes de Participation et d’Engagement Politique en Afrique  Kouyate Souleymane  Fred Eboko  Zakaria Soré  Mamadou Dimé
N'guessan Julien Atchoua
Mapping the Emerging Democratic Participation Space in the Age of Digitalization  Deodatus Patrick Shayo  Deodatus Patrick Shayo    Andrew Matsiko
Nationalist Politics in an Era of Technology and Globalization  Karen Mossberger  Danielle Sanches    Robert Krimmer
Openness and Innovation in Policymaking  Karen Mossberger  Anastasia Deligiaouri    Karen Mossberger
Domagoj Bebić
Opinion-building in the Digital Age  Wolf J. Schünemann  Claudia Ritzi  Wolf J. Schünemann  Lena Ulbricht
Presidential Politics in the Digital Age  Karen Mossberger  Cameron Thies    Norbert Kersting
Using ICT to Promote Active Citizen Engagement in Extractive Resource Decision-Making and Governance Processes in Africa: Opportunities, Possibilities and Challenges  Japhace Poncian  Japhace Poncian    Deodatus Patrick Shayo