We are very pleased to point out that this fall the InMed Institute, in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Science and the University of Zagreb, is organizing an international conference on information technology and journalism. It is also one of the longest-running conferences at the IUC Dubrovnik, which has been monitoring and predicting trends in Internet communication and its impact on society for 26 years in a row.
As part of the conference, a workshop supported by the largest international political association - IPSA has been organized for more than ten years, this year a workshop called "Media, Politics and Discourses of the New Normal" was supported by IPSA RC10 and RC22.

After the challenging 2020 and 25th edition of the conference, which brought together an enviable number of participants in completely new circumstances, and was selected for the IPSA Digital pilot project, we are pleased that this year most of the participants in the conference participated live.